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Risk Management 05
Expanding knowledge is key to success

Risk management is an interesting subject that can be viewed from many perspectives. To support our client's as well as our own journey towards better risk management understanding, we produce books and articles.


We combine research, recent events and real cases with impulses we get from our client and our course participant when we plan our articles and books. The goal is to enable you to think logically and creatively about risk. 


Search our articles in our news section or find your topic of interest in our book store. Our articles are free and open to be shared with anyone who might be interested. And on occasion you might find free resources in the book section as well.

Basic Risk Analysis

A step by step guide to risk consciousness in your organisation. The book contains links to Basic Risk Analysis templates, to get you started today. 

The e-book version is available for free for a limited period of time.

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