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Below you can find links to articles and online content which we have found valuable, and which we would like to share with our community. The list will be updated with new content whenever we come across anything worth sharing.


The links will lead you to external content which is not in anyway related to Kontrapro Risk Management. Our purpose is to share and we do not benefit economically or have any affiliation with the providers of the content.

Click the titles to open an article in a new window.

We hope you find something of value to you and your company!

«The risk matrix (RM) is a widely espoused approach to assess and analyze risks in the oil and gas (O&G) industry. RMs have been implemented throughout that industry and are used extensively in risk-management contexts. This is evidenced by numerous SPE papers documenting RMs as the primary risk-management tool. Yet, despite this extensive use, the key question remains to be addressed: Does the use of RMs guide us to make optimal (or even better) risk-management decisions?»

Sydney Water’s maintenance objective is to ensure that assets achieve their design service requirements within acceptable risk at lowest life-cycle costs. The purpose of this procedure is to document the procedure for undertaking Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis for Sydney Water’s facility assets. The objective is to identify the items where modification to the design or the operating, inspection, or maintenance strategies may be required to reduce the severity of the effect of specific failure modes.

'Almost everyone' in a photo of Southwest's emergency landing wore their oxygen masks 'wrong,' says a former flight attendant.

Is this human factors at play? Is it lack of instruction? Is it just copying what the people next to you is doing? Or is it the design of the mask?

Article 29 from the Data Protection Working Party, adopting the proposed guideline for DPIA requirements in the GDPR-regulation.

Useful list of risk and safety related book recommendations.

Search for the standard your interested in and get access to the definition part of the standards.

«The Bowtie Library is constantly being updated with newly uploaded bowties from partners and clients. In the past few months, CGE has also added some additional aviation-, chemical-, and work bowties. CGE is proud to announce that there are now over 600 bowties in the Bowtie Library. [...]»

«Based on our extensive global experience we have picked the most insightful and relevant Key Performance Indicators in key business areas. Browse our KPI example library using the menu on the left, and choose the right measures for you and your company. It's free! [...]»

«Do we ever stop to really consider how our assumptions shape and mould our actions, behaviours and our lives? The impact is profound.»

«Another reason why the zero vision remains on an abstract level is probably that it challenges competing goals. The more the zero vision is instantiated, the more it will challenge competing goals, for instance mobility, the environment, economic efficiency and individual freedom. [...]»

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