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Privacy policy:

According to the EU GDPR-regulation we are required to inform you, our contacts about how we treat the private information we aquire when we come in contact with you.

Your privacy matters to us, but to be able to communicate with our contacts and customers we have to collect some information about you. We limit our registers to as little information as possible, and in many cases, all we ask of you is your name, your e-mail address and your company information. This information is needed to communicate effectively with you. If you have purchased something from us, we also save your billing information to be able to have a commercial relationship with you. Credit card information is handled by proffesional third-parties and will never be in our possesion.

We keep your information in a limited number of safe applications, and limit the number of people that has access to the information.

When we send you marketing and content e-mails we aim at only sending the information to people who have actively approved that we do so. All e-mails from our automated systems shall include the possibility to unsubscribe, and it is our aim that the information we send out shall be to your benefit and in meet your proffessional interests. 

If you have any complaints or want us to delete your data completely, you can do so by sending a request via our contact form below, or by connecting directly on

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Quality policy:

Our deliveries and services are a result of our company's total intellectual capital as well as the experiences our employees bring with them into their work. Our aim is that the competencies we have access to through our employees are continuously developed and used in the best interest of our customers. An extensive dialogue between our resources and our customers and contacts is the basis for this to happen.

We take any feedback from our contacts and customers seriously. In the interest of our clients, we use both external feedback and internal improvement suggestions as a basis for the continuous improvement our deliveries and services. In the interest of our owners and employees we strive to contiuously improve our internal work processes and strategies to the best for both health, safety and economical purposes.

We ensure that our quality management practice and results are continuously improved by having implemented an evaluation and improvement process where the quality of our products and services, including any customer feedbak or internal feedback are reviewed on a board level every month.

Risk management policy:

We continuously assess risks in our internal processes such as decission making, relations to our customers and contacts and the provision of products and services. We aim to integrate the understanding and treatment of risk in all our internal activities. We do so by acknowledging that risk means handling both opportunities and threats and that all deviations from reaching our goals as planned are considered risks.

We also integrate a risk-based mindset in all our customer services, ensuring that we provide services and products that support our customers in reaching their goals as planned (or better).

We ensure that our risk management practice and results are continuously improved by having implemented an evaluation and improvement process where the risk development is reviewed on a board level every month.

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