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Risk Management 01

Risk management is an intrinsic part of human behaviour. We are certain that you are already managing risk at some level, though you may call it something else.


Basically, risk management is always about navigating the different circumstances your organisation may encounter in pursuit of its objectives.


As a consultant company, we meet people with willpower and motivation to integrate risk management into their organisation's processes. However, many are unable to realise the potential a risk-based approach can introduce to their organisation on their own.


The key to success by risk management is to design and organise your processes in a way that allows for seeing things from different perspectives and avoiding groupthink.


You may chose to use ISO 31000:2018 or COSO ERM as a basis, but you should always aim for customisation of your risk management processes.


If your leaders struggle to understand the risks they need to handle, we can coach them and facilitate the process so that your organisation can reach its objectives more smoothly.


When you need a sparring partner or a devil's advocate to move your risk management work forward, we can support you.


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Risk based thinking is navigating different aspect of business
“Vibeke is a steady course holder and instructor who provides updated knowledge and is at the forefront of changes”
The Norwegian Associasion for Quality and Risk management
(Quality and Risk Management courses in NFKR Academy)
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