Pick any two...

For most products and services there are three aspects that matter when you order them:

what could go wrong?
  1. Time

  • ​​How much time will it take to develop the product?

  • How fast can the service be delivered?

  • Will you get it in due time?

  1. Cost

  • How much will it cost?

  • Will it be cheap or expensive?

  1. Quality

  • Is the scope of the service on target?

  • Is the product good?

  • Does the product perform as expected?

In the local markets here in Spain, I have learned that there are a few rules to go by. There are cheap products that magically get cheaper if I act interested and then act uninterested. Seemingly, it's always very important that I buy their product right NOW. I have learned by experience that these products generally have low quality.