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Pick any two...

For most products and services there are three aspects that matter when you order them:

what could go wrong?
  1. Time

  • ​​How much time will it take to develop the product?

  • How fast can the service be delivered?

  • Will you get it in due time?

  1. Cost

  • How much will it cost?

  • Will it be cheap or expensive?

  1. Quality

  • Is the scope of the service on target?

  • Is the product good?

  • Does the product perform as expected?

In the local markets here in Spain, I have learned that there are a few rules to go by. There are cheap products that magically get cheaper if I act interested and then act uninterested. Seemingly, it's always very important that I buy their product right NOW. I have learned by experience that these products generally have low quality.

The other half are products that the locals come to buy. These products are not necessarily expensive, but they have a fixed price and the sellers are willing to let time work for them. The sellers of these products will keep reminding anyone who questions the price that the cost is due to the quality of their product.

«You can ask for fast, cheap and good, but I can only give you two. Which will it be?»

There is a saying: «You can ask for fast, cheap and good, but I can only give you two. Which will it be?» If you think about it you will soon find that having a product or service delivered on time, cheaply with the right quality is nearly impossible.

A product can be delivered quickly, and to a low cost, but the quality will often be impacted. A product or service can be delivered to a low cost and with the right quality, but it is likely that you don’t get it very quickly. And a service can be delivered with quality and quickly, but then it is likely that the product will be rather expensive.

Which will it be? I choose quality first!

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