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Risk Culture Conversation #2 – Risk in different cultures and contexts

The Risk Culture Conversations series was born when Alexander Larsen and I, Vibeke Myrås met up in my home in Spain. Initially, we were just going to get to know each other, see what common ground we had and generally chat about risk management. Based on some of the previous stuff I had put up on Youtube we had also talked about shooting a little video featuring him.

From starting with one take, we ended up with almost three hours of film material. We had so many topics to discuss and enjoyed ourselves so much that we just had to keep going. (I think both of us were pretty beat by the time we finished.) Now the film material is being edited down to a series of seven on-topic videos and a few bonus videos where all the anecdotes that didn't fit into the videos are captured.

In video number 1 we talked about why taking risk is necessary even though we don't want harm to come to either people, environment or the business itself. In video number 2 we talk about risk in different cultures and contexts. As culture can be a bit touchy and any cultures pros and cons deserve to be discussed in more depth we more or less limit ourselves to discussing our own (Norwegian and British).

I would very much appreciate any comments or discussion on other cultures and how risk management can be best integrated into the culture and context you are surrounded with. You can reply to this e-mail or simply tag me, Vibeke, Kontrapro Risk Management or Facebook to make that happen!

Watch the video here via our webpage or go to our Youtube channel to see the best version!

Kind regards and wishes for a safe and prosperous week for all of you!

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