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Risk Culture Conversation #3 – Engaging people

«When you said reward, I instantly felt a negative approach to that because normally reward (for me) means that you put up three risks and then you get your cap or whatever gift is the reward. But when I hear you talk, I hear your’re saying that the reward could be more indirect, it could be giving a department the posibility to actually do something valueable moving forward in a better way by treating the risk.»

This was my instant comment when Alexander Larsen and I talked about how to engage people and he mentioned rewards. I wish I had come up with that concept myself;)

Risk Culture Conversations

Other tips we came up with for creating engagement towards risk management activities were:

  • Creating ownership

  • Focus on results and relevance

  • Integrate

  • Lead by example

  • Reward

We would love for you to take part in our conversations! You can find all the videos on our Youtube channel – as you can see from the picture below, we absolutely enjoyed ourselves!

I would very much appreciate any comments or discussion on how to engage people to participate in risk management. Or, why not tell us what you do to engage people in risk management activities?

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