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Risk Culture Conversation #4 – Risk management training

«Training programs shouldn't be designed to deliver competence; they must be dedicated to producing excellence. Serious organizations don't aspire to be comfortably above average.»

Brandon Webb (source:

I find that businesses tend to be as successful as the sum of their workforce. The more empowered the employees are, the more actual improvement is happening. Ensuring the right competence and supplying inspiring training to employees should be an integral part of any company strategy.

In the fourth risk culture conversation Alexander Larsen and I share experiences related to giving risk management training. You will find that we are highly engaged in this topic!

Some of the things we talk about are:

  • The pros and cons for internal training

  • The pros and cons for choosing external trainers

  • The importance of management attention and participation in the training programs

  • The benefits of engaging emotion to support learning

  • How to make the learning stick

  • ...and much more...

We would love for you to take part in our conversations! You can find all the videos on our Youtube channel and join in on the conversations in any channel you like. You can even send an e-mail to me through our contact area below.

I hope you enjoy our thoughts and tips!

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