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Risk Management 04

Through our speeches and keynotes, we can support you in establishing interest and motivation towards risk management in your organisation.


Let us fill an hour or two with a focus on risk management in your conference or team building program. 


You can book one of our pre-made keynotes or order a custom-made product for your specific audience.

Pre-made keynotes


1: Time pressure and safety 

30-90 minutes about how time pressure impacts safety in the workplace, and what leaders can do to ensure that efficiency and safety go hand in hand.


2: Effective methods to identify risk

30-90 minutes about how teams can identify risks effectively. The session will give tips on how teams can ensure that relevant risks are highlighted, and on how the effects of cognitive biases can be reduced.


3: We did our risk analysis – now what?

30-90 minutes about how to optimise results from risk analysis. The focus of this session is how to ensure that actions are taken, risks are reduced and opportunities are explored.

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